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Ouverte par thsnielsen (thsnielsen) - 21/11/2011

FS#8947 - Radio "task bar" should at bottom not top

Sorry to write in english, but my explanations are generally better understood in english than in “frenglish” ;-)

I think it would be nice to have the “task bar” in the radio interface at the bottom instead of the top, for 1 simple reason:
Once you browse radio stations, besides navigating with the arrow keys (up down left right) I tend to also use the prog+ prog- and then I find it very illogic that prog+ that is an arrow UP moves one channel DOWN the list.
Simply turning the radio interface upside down would resolve this, with no side effect. then you can still use the arrows up down left right with same functionality,but also the prog+ and prog-, that will make the active channel move up and down the list according to the arrows on the prog+ prog - keys.
If i did not explain myself well, just try go to a radio station, and press prog+ or prog- and you will immediately see that the action is not logic.

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mercredi 4 juillet, 2012 15:38:06
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