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Opened by Neustradamus_ - 08/01/2021
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FS#33690 - [Tous les Freebox Server] Demande de mise à jour (faille critique) : ppp 2.4.8 -> 2.4.9 | 2.5.0

Afin de résoudre certains problèmes de connexions, je redemande la mise à jour de ppp 2.4.8 → 2.4.9 (2021-01-04) | 2.5.0 (2023-04-04) et ainsi corriger de failles de sécurité (vulnérabilités) nommées CVEs en même temps

What's new in ppp-2.5.0.

The 2.5.0 release is a major release of pppd which contains breaking 
changes for third-party plugins, a complete revamp of the build-system
and that allows for flexibility of configuring features as needed.

In Summary:
* Support for PEAP authentication by Eivind Næss and Rustam Kovhaev
* Support for loading PKCS12 certificate envelopes 
* Adoption of GNU Autoconf / Automake build environment, by Eivind Næss
  and others.
* Support for pkgconfig tool has been added by Eivind Næss.
* Bunch of fixes and cleanup to PPPoE and IPv6 support by Pali Rohár.
* Major revision to PPPD's Plugin API by Eivind Næss.
  - Defines in which describes what features was included in pppd
  - Functions now prefixed with explicit ppp_* to indicate that
    pppd functions being called.
  - Header files were renamed to better align with their features,
    and now use proper include guards
  - A pppdconf.h file is supplied to allow third-party modules to use
    the same feature defines pppd was compiled with.
  - No extern declarations of internal variable names of pppd, 
    continued use of these extern variables are considered 
* Lots of internal fixes and cleanups for Radius and PPPoE by Jaco Kroon
* Dropped IPX support, as Linux has dropped support in version 5.15
  for this protocol.
* Many more fixes and cleanups.
* Pppd is no longer installed setuid-root.
* New pppd options:
  - ipv6cp-noremote, ipv6cp-nosend, ipv6cp-use-remotenumber,
    ipv6-up-script, ipv6-down-script
  - -v, show-options
  - usepeerwins, ipcp-no-address, ipcp-no-addresses, nosendip
* On Linux, any baud rate can be set on a serial port provided the
  kernel serial driver supports that.

Note that if you have built and installed previous versions of this
package and you want to continue having configuration and TDB files in
/etc/ppp, you will need to use the --sysconfdir option to ./configure.
What’s new in ppp-2.4.9.

* Support for new EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) methods:
- Support for EAP-TLS, from Jan Just Keijser and others
- Support for EAP-MSCHAPv2, from Eivind Næss, Thomas Omerzu, Tijs Van Buggenhout and others

* New pppd options:
- chap-timeout
- chapms-strip-domain
- replacedefaultroute
- noreplacedefaultroute
- ipv6cp-accept-remote
- lcp-echo-adaptive
- ip-up-script
- ip-down-script
- ca
- capath
- cert
- key
- crl-dir
- crl
- max-tls-version
- need-peer-eap

* Fixes for CVE-2020-8597 and CVE-2015-3310.

* libpcap is now required when compiling on Linux (previously, if libpcap was not present, pppd would be compiled without packet filtering support).

* The rp-pppoe plugin has been renamed to pppoe, to distinguish it from the upstream rp-pppoe code. Its options have changed names, but the old names are kept as aliases.

* The configure script now supports cross-compilation.

* Many bug fixes and cleanups.

Informations complémentaires :

libpcap 1.10.0 (2020-12-30) :

De la même entité :
tcpdump 4.99.0 (stable) (2020-12-30) :

PPP 2.5.0 (2023-04-04)

Note: Il y a toujours des failles dans la version actuellement utilisée "2.4.8" :


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