Api changes from version 3.0 to 4.0

Secure Access

  • The Freebox OS API can now be reached over HTTPS. All applications MUST switch to https access. Unsecure access will be removed at some point.

Deprecated api

  • The old upload api as been deprecated in favor of the WebSocket upload api. The v3 upload api will be removed in next firmware release. All new apps should only use websocket upload api. However tracking of uploads has not been changed.

Changed API

  • The File System api now return more details error codes, and can now return ‘access_denied’ and ‘disk_full’ in case of IO errors
  • SystemConfig has new ‘disk_status’, ‘box_flavor’ attributes
  • ConnectionStatus now expose ‘ipv4_port_range’ for customers that don’t have a ‘full’ IPv4
  • Added new ‘port_outside_range’ error_code when attempting to use a port outside of assigned ‘ipv4_port_range’
  • Added ‘remote_access_min_port’ and ‘remote_access_max_port’ to ConnectionConfiguration
  • Added ‘min_port’, ‘max_port’ for IncomingPortConfig, VPNServerConfig
  • Added ‘readonly’ for IncomingPortConfig
  • Added ‘allow_remote_access’ for FtpConfig
  • Added ‘mark_all_as_read’ and ‘delete_all’ for Call api
  • Added ‘enabled_ipv6’ and ‘node_count_ipv6’ for DhtStats
  • Added ‘preview_url’ to DownloadFile for bittorrent downloads
  • Added ‘info_hash’, ‘piece_length’ to Download for bittorrent downloads