Api changes from version 1.1 to 2.0

Download Api Changes

  • Added 2 new error_code:

    • invalid_address
    • port_conflict
  • Added a new ‘cookies’ parameter when adding a download by url. This allow browser plugins to pass cookies along with url. This can be useful for session based authentication.

  • Added new DownloadStats attributes:

    • conn_ready
    • nb_peer
    • blocklist_entries
    • blocklist_hits
    • dht_stats
  • Deprecate path attribute for DownloadFile

  • Add new attributes to DownloadFile

    • filepath
    • name
    • mimetype
  • Added a blacklist API to control bittorrent peers blacklist entries

Download Configuration Api Changes

UPnP IGD Api Changes

Connection api Changes

RRD Api Changes

  • Added new entries for net database:

    • vpn_rate_down
    • vpn_rate_up
  • Added new entries for temp database:

    • cpum
    • cpub
    • sw
    • hdd
    • fan_speed
  • Deprecate entries for temp database:

    • temp1
    • temp2
    • temp3

System Api Changes

Wifi Api Changes

  • Completely rework Wifi API to be able to handle multiple Access Points.