HID codes expected to work on Freebox Player 1.1.1

How to send correct control codes

Complete remote control emulation

RC button Expected code Page no Code Notes
Power Consumer / Power 0x0c 0x30  
AV Consumer / VCR/TV 0x0c 0x63  
0-9 Keyboard / Keypad0-9 0x07 0x62, 0x59-0x61  
Up, Down, Left, Right Keyboard / Up, Down, Left, Right 0x07 0x4f-0x52  
OK Keyboard / Enter 0x07 0x28  
Back Consumer / AC Exit 0x0c 0x204  
Search Consumer / AC Search 0x0c 0x221  
Menu Consumer / Menu 0x0c 0x40 Will probably change to another value, "Menu" should not have been used here.
Info Consumer / AC Properties 0x0c 0x209  
Free Consumer / AL Task/Project manager 0x0c 0x18f  
Vol +/- Consumer / Vol Inc/Dec 0x0c 0xe9-0xea  
Mute Consumer / Mute 0x0c 0xe2  
Record Consumer / Record 0x0c 0xb2  
Prog +/- Consumer / Channel Inc/Dec 0x0c 0x9c-0x9d  
Rewind Consumer / Rewind 0x0c 0xb4  
Play/Pause Consumer / Play/Pause 0x0c 0xcd  
Fast Forward Consumer / Fast Forward 0x0c 0xb3  

Additional keys

All these keys are in the Consumer Control page (0x0c).